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Websites costly no more!
Having your own website is not a costly affair any more! NTT India announces its new range of hosting packages for medium-sized organisations, for making their web presence. Get your own website hosted for as low as Rs. 2500 a year! Avail of a FREE 15 day trial of our virtual servers, to get the feel of our sophisticated systems, before you confirm your order with us!
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E-mail Solutions for your Office!
Provide e-mail accounts to all your staff members (, with a single Internet Account with your ISP. A very effective and low cost solution, with ability to create unlimited email accounts as per your company needs. Beats any other comparable product in the market today!
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Portable E-mail Access!
DaakGhar, the newest portable e-mail client from NTT India. You no longer need to use Eudora, or other such clients to access your mail, when you are out of your office. Check E-mail Hotmail style through your browser, from your email account. Very useful for people on the move. You do not need to telnet, or configure the E-mail clients on someone else's machine to check your mail. Best of all, this service is FREE and works for any Email account hosted on our Servers!
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Announcing our WebMaster Account
Aspiring to be a web hosting company, with mimimum investments? Leave your worries aside. Avail of our Webmaster Account, which provides you with complete flexibility in offer hosting packages to your clients. You get 15 domains with this account, and unlimited POP/FTP/Telnet Accounts at your disposal!
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Portal Development
Specialising in Turnkey Portal project development, we launched some of the popular portals of India in record times. T-Series, Houselayouts, Edakshin, MSEB to name a few!
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Outsourced E-mail Services
Provide unlimited Email Accounts ( on your website and let us manage them

Webmasters Browse-in!
Make your own hosting packages with utmost flexibility, with our Webmaster Account. Unlimited resources at your disposal!
Now on Real Fast Mirrored Servers in USA and India

Link your Offices with Intranet
Connectivity between offices is now cheap and reliable, with our easy-to-administer full-featured Intranets. Update your communication means!

DaakGhar - The Portable Email Client
Check your mail from any mailbox while on the move, through your browser, Hotmail-style. It's FREE!!!

E-commerce Zone
Check out our E-commerce sites, and imagine how you too could be selling your products here.

Website Hosting
Establish your web presence, by selecting one of our full-featured virtual server packages.

Do you really need a website?
Whether for corporate, or for personal use, read this, and you will know what you have been missing!

Free E-Greetings!
Greet your loved ones with NTT Greetings this festive season! Click here for more on Entertainment


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